Chapman & Rennie rubbish claims different tax level will drive people away from Scotland

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie and Scottish parliamentary candidate Kris Chapman have branded Tory claims that having a slightly higher tax level in Scotland compared to the rest of the UK will drive people south of the border as utter nonsense.

Mr Rennie said the best way to boost Scotland’s economy is through his party’s penny for education, which would fill the skills gap faced by businesses by delivering a transformational investment in nurseries, schools and colleges.

Mr Rennie said: "The idea that having a slightly higher tax level in Scotland to the rest of the UK will lead to people packing up and moving to England is utter nonsense. We do need to make sure our tax regime is fair, but our economy will suffer in the long term if we don't make a transformational investment in education.

"Our penny for education policy will ensure children get the best start in life and businesses can hire the skilled staff they need.”

Kris Chapman added, "Having supported young people across the Scottish Borders to find work or apprenticeships, I know first hand that businesses across Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, and the rest of Scotland, are crying our for a business-ready skilled workforce. 

"Our progressive plan to transform Scotland’s education, linking with the needs of businesses and investing over £2.5 billion pounds in the next parliament will support the needs of businesses and in turn grow our economy." 

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