East Lothian Council Still Not Meeting Clothing Grant for Poorest Kids

Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, has written to East Lothian Council asking that it increases its school clothing grants to £70.


The MSP made the request to council chiefs following a freedom of information request from his office which showed that the council failed to meet the minimum recommended grant of £70.


The FOI also showed that East Lothian Council’s 2014/15 clothing grant has decreased by nearly 10% from the previous financial year.


Mr Hume said:


“Some parents are really struggling to get by and the cost of school clothing for a growing child can often be too much for households on limited means.


“Back in 2009 a government working group recommended a minimum award for a clothing grant should be £70, but East Lothian Council is falling short.


“Everyone understands that budgets are tight, but all I’m asking the Council to do - and all parents would expect - is to make a commitment that it will meet the recommended minimum clothing grant.”




Notes to editors:


A copy of Mr Hume’s FOI is shown below, 


East Lothian Council

FOI Ref: 2015/822(8580)


* How many school children in East Lothian received a clothing grant and how much was awarded for each child in the financial year ending 2015?


East Lothian Council (ELC) does not process Clothing Grant applications by financial year; they are processed by academic year. In academic year 2014/15 a total of 1,158 children received a clothing grant. 378 received a grant at £65 and 780 received a grant at £60.


* What was the total sum of money in the clothing grant broken down by each of the years from 2011 – 2015? This is the total sum of money the Council awarded (as a sum of all the individual grants) in each of those financial years.


2014/15 £72,885

2013/14 £80,225

2012/13 £77,028

2011/12 £81,269

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