Hume Calls SNP Out On Damning Audit Scotland Report on NHS

Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, and health spokesperson has said the SNP need to start taking responsibility for their health record after pressing the Cabinet Secretary for Health on a damning Audit Scotland report on the NHS.


The report from Audit Scotland found that NHS spending in Scotland has been cut by 0.7% in real terms on the SNP’s watch. It also identified major challenges in staff recruitment and retention. Mr Hume called for answers from the Cabinet Secretary during topical questions at the Scottish Parliament.


The MSP challenged the Health Secretary during yesterday’s Topical Questions.


Mr Hume said:


“What we needed from the Cabinet Secretary were clear answers to the serious questions that the Audit Scotland report raised over the future of the NHS. What we got was statistical misdirection and attacks on the record of other parties in government. If any NHS staff were watching they will not have been impressed.


“The SNP have been in charge of our health service for eight years. They need to start taking responsibility for their record, not run away from it. The Audit Scotland report set out clearly the scale of the challenges that our health service is facing. Funding cut in real terms. Health boards forced to take out huge loans to make ends meet. A crisis in staff recruitment.


“We need to see less talk from the SNP and more action to ensure that the NHS gets the funding it needs.”



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