Hume Reacts to Refugee Pledge

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s pledge to accept 20,000 Syrian refugees into the UK, Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, said:


“Campaigners have been trying for months now to highlight the inhumanity of the government's failure to address the unfolding human tragedy involving refugees from North Africa and the Middle East.


“I recognise and welcome the change in Government policy in recent days and weeks. The Prime Minister might no longer be describing refugees as a “swarm”, but there is still a lot that he could be doing to catch up with public opinion here.


“We should not be raiding our international development budget to pay for this, we should not be restricting our help to those who are currently in the country, and we should not be resisting efforts to build a common EU position. The people of Britain do not want to see the human misery of hundreds of thousands of people being used as a political football; they want a non-partisan approach, and I therefore support my Liberal Democrat colleagues in Westminster in calling for the Prime Minister to convene a summit of the UK leadership of all the parties.”



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