Hume Slams SNP's Eye Watering £347M Underspend

Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, has criticised the SNP’s “eye-watering” £347million underspend revealed in the Scottish Government’s consolidated accounts for 2014/15.


Commenting, Mr Hume said:


“Passengers on over-crowded carriages across South Scotland will be astonished that the SNP allowed a £22million underspend on rail investment last year.


“And buried in the details we see the SNP had big underspends on renewable energy, warm homes and school buildings. These things are supposed to be their top priorities.


“With an eye-watering underspend of £347million, people would have expected the SNP to be able to get started on new capital projects. They are always saying how they have projects which are “shovel-ready” and able to be started at a moment’s notice. Instead, because of the SNP’s screw-up on whether the AWPR is public or private, new building projects in Scotland face delays. It’s a sorry state of affairs that so many opportunities are being missed.


“This underspend comes on top of the £444million recorded last year. It is a lot of potential going to waste.”




Notes to Editors:


The renewable energy underspend of £10m is on page 45 of the Consolidated Accounts

The schools underspend (called “rescheduling”) is on page 46

The rail investment underspend of £22m is on page 48

The warm homes underspend is on page 47

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