We must support those with additional and complex needs in the Scottish Borders

Liberal Democrat Councillors Kris Chapman and Euan Robson marked PDA Awareness Day by meeting campaigner Pat Hewitt at the Council's Headquarters in Newtown St Boswells (Monday 15th May). PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome) is a part of the Autistic spectrum but it is not widely recognised or identified. Its symptoms are acute anxiety provoked by the pressure or stress of requests or demands on the individual concerned.

Councillor Kris Chapman said;

“PDA sufferers are not getting the support they need or deserve, this is not only unfair on the PDA sufferer but also on the professionals they come into contact with from our teachers, health workers, or social worker. It's also very stressful for parents who can feel very isolated as a result of not having the right support, advice or help. It is time to think again about how we support those with additional and complex needs here in the Scottish Borders.”


Councillor Euan Robson continued;

"Kris and I are pleased to support the PDA Society's Awareness Day to promote discussion about the condition or syndrome. Families, teachers and other professionals are put in real difficulties when no support is provided for those affected by PDA. 

“I commend the campaigners' recent petition to the Scottish Parliament on recognition of PDA. We do however need to follow through at a local level here in the Scottish Borders with awareness raising, training and improved working practices among other developments.”

The panda mascot is being used by the PDA Society in its present campaign.

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